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Empower Youth Success

Summer Camp 2022

June 13 through July 30

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Youth are the hero of our story.

We Promote, Support and Celebrate Youth Success.

We work to build Villages and programs that support families and empower Youth Success.

Imagine if every child had the skills and support to achieve their full potential.

Learn more about the transformational journey that prepares members for a better future. (More)




Empower Individuals, Rebuild Families, Uplift Community in Totality


The Need

Some youth already have the resources they need to succeed.

We want to celebrate their success.

Many of these Youth can serve as mentors and volunteers to help other Youth who don't have the resources and support they need. They will serve key roles in helping to build a more just society.


Many Youth face discrimination, inequity and family challenges.

Many face housing, food and relationship insecurities. 

Many struggle academically which is frustrating and may limit their career options. (More)

Many families may not know about the availability of certain resources and thereby not take full advantage of what they could.

Many families or students may have questions and not know where to find answers.

Many families or students may feel isolated and alone.

Many families or individuals may want to help their villages but they don't know how or where to plug in. 


Guide to Solutions

Individuals or families can join and participate in the Movement to build a better future and a more just society.

We will work to build a Village/Chapter in each area where there are enough Members. In the interim, members can access programs that are available online, such as the FREADOM Program, resource directories, informational videos and well-being upgrade system.

Typical local programs in a Village

  • Reading Program (FREADOM Movement)
  • Summer camp
  • After-school programs
  • Youth Council
  • Sports
  • History and culture
  • Field trips
  • Entrepreneurial training and student-led for-profit efforts
    • Lawn maintenance
    • Shirt and gift item printing
    • Technology
      • Website development
      • Video production
      • Social media
      • Podcasting
    • Catering
  • Events
    • Juneteenth Celebration
    • Fundraising


FREADOM Movement (Reading Success Program)


Reading Success is foundational to academic and career success.

Two out of three children overall and four out of five Children of Color and Children in Poverty did not score proficient in reading by 4th grade on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in 2019.

This is a longstanding national crisis. (Learn more)


We have developed an approach to reading success that can help most every student achieve reading proficiency.

We focus on grades K-2 to prevent students from struggling and being labeled. We can also help older students who continue to struggle.

We can work with schools but we cannot wait.

Students need help now.

Families can join and gain access to an integrated set of online tools that can give the gift of reading to their children. 

Reading proficiency and academic success empower well-being and freedom.


Village Model

Once a Cornerstone Village is fully organized, the following structure and functionality should be in place.

  • Village Leader has been recruited and is overseeing Village Programs
  • Advisory Board is in place
  • Village website is functional
    • Resource Directory
    • Calendar
    • Membership management system 
    • Community forums
    • System in place for members to ask questions
  • Volunteer management system is in place
  • Student Programs are in place
  • Most students are participating in the FREADOM Movement



  • Most every student is performing at grade level or above
  • Every child born is welcomed into the Village with a celebration
  • All families feel connected to the Village and are aware of what resources are available 
  • Every member can post questions or request help and the Village members will do their best to help
  • Basic needs for all members are being met adequately
    • The Village members work to fill any gaps
  • Lawn care is provided by the Youth Council for those in need
  • Members feel welcome and their voice is heard
  • Members hate to move unless they can find another Village


Wouldn't you want to live in a Village like this?

Why not start building your Village now?

We can help to provide the communications platform to help you start organizing your Village today.