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Empower Youth so that they can achieve their full potential and one day when they have the opportunity, they can build a more just society.


When children are born, they start with a clean slate.

Life experiences and circumstances shape their foundation and prepare them for their future.

They start with no biases, but life experiences build biases.

They become adults and take their place in society with all of its good elements and imperfections. For the most part they are individuals in a complex society. They may join various groups that do good work in isolation, but there is no unifying plan to build a better society. 


There are many social issues that continue to challenge our society. This includes racism, discrimination, poverty, inequity in incarceration, inequity in careers, inequity in wealth building opportunities, etc. 

Although our society has made progress over the past century building a more equitable society, significant disparities remain. 


Imagine if enough Youth come together under Cornerstone, receive the proper training, become empowered to fulfill their full potential and are part of a unifying Movement with a plan to build a more just and equitable society.

Once the Youth of today become adults, they will have the skills, knowledge and desire to work together to achieve this vision for the benefit of all.