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Why Join Cornerstone Movement?

  • Help your child achieve reading success
  • Improve your well-being
  • Help uplift your family
  • Build a supportive Village
  • Feel part of something positive
  • Get help
  • Help others
  • Help create a more just society



Help your child achieve success

Reading success empowers academic and career success.

If your child is in grades K-2, join and access our award-winning online early reading program to ensure your child builds the skills necessary to achieve reading proficiency.

If you, your child 3rd grade or above, or anyone you know struggles with reading and learning effectively, join and access our online tools to strengthen skills.




Improve your well-being

Well-being does not happen by accident or wishing things were better.

Your life situation improves when you take appropriate action. 

Evaluate your well-being status.

Develop a plan to improve specific elements in your life that lead to better well-being. 


We are developing a well-being upgrade system.

It will contain a system to do a self-evaluation.

It will provide ideas on how to develop and implement a plan.

Being part of a supportive Village is part of the process.


Join and help us to build the well-being upgrade system and build a Village in your area.




Uplift family

The first step is to establish your personal well-being.

Once you have completed the evaluation and developed a plan, you can better see how to apply the principles to help uplift your family's well-being.


Creating a supportive Village in your area is key to learning about the local resources available to help you improve your family's well-being. 

Evaluate your family and build a plan.

If you have children, access the skill-building tools to help them succeed. 



Build a Village

Being part of supportive Village can make your life situation better.

If it does not currently exist, then be part of building it.

Start small, build a team, grow.


We recommend starting with the Reading Program.

Build a website.

Inventory local resources and post them on your new website.

Recruit partner organizations.

Learn more 




Be part of something positive

We are bombarded with bad news daily.

We experience frustration.

Many of us struggle to make ends meet.

We have needs and question but don't know where to find answers.

We want to help others but don't know where to plug in.


Finding answers, helping others, and being part of a group that supports us helps to make us feel better and improve well-being. 

Build your Village and connect with others who want to help.




Get help

We all need help at some point.

Being part of a Village helps you better connect to resources and find others who are willing to help.






Give help

Helping others can be very satisfying and motivating.

Most people want to help but don't know how to find the right opportunities.

Being part of a Village can connect you to the right opportunities. 




Help to create a more just society

For some, society is working just fine.

For many society is unjust and the path to success is unclear.

  • High poverty rates
  • High crime and incarceration rates
  • Fear of police
  • Discrimination
  • Lack of affordable housing, high rents
  • No clear path to home ownership
  • Politcal gridlock and constant bickering

What are the issues?

What is the plan to address the challenges?

Who is doing what?

What can I do to make a difference?


Each Village will have a platform to debate the issues, facilitate planning, coordinate efforts, and track progress. The more Villages that are created, the more organized and effective the Movement will become.

As the Youth who have been trained mature and grow into positions of responsibility, they will be able to collectively work together to build a more just society.