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Give your child the Gift of Reading--FREADOM

Reading Success is foundational to academic and career success.

Four out of five Children of Color and Children in Poverty are not proficient by 4th grade. 

This is a longstanding national crisis. Learn more

We cannot wait for schools to address this challenge.




Reading Success requires the proper brain development

Most students who have a strong foundational skill set achieve reading success.

Most students who struggle with reading have gaps in their skills.


Answer: We provide families with online tools that can help to close the Skill Gap and empower their children to succeed.



Reading Kingdom

  • Comprehensive online early reading program
  • Covers all of the foundational skills required for reading success
  • Focus is grades K-2
  • Can also help older students who struggle with reading
  • Students only train 20 minutes daily, 5 days per week
  • Self-guided, parents only need to provide encouragement



Why is Reading Kingdom better than the normal school approach?

  • Traditional curriculum most schools use does not cover the full range of skills needed for students who have a skill gap
  • Reading Kingdom is based upon over 40 years of research and clinical experience
  • The approach teaches the way successful readers learn naturally when provided with the right learning experiences
  • Information on why the current educational approach is not working for most students

Visual Processing

Processing visual sensory inputs is foundational to reading success.

  1. Irlen Syndrome
  2. Fixation, tracking, saccades and rapid automatic naming
  3. Pattern recognition

Cognitive Skills

  • Strong cognitive skills empower learning
  • Weak cognitive skills make learning slower and more difficult
  • We provide an online cognitive skill evaluation families can do online at home
  • We provide families access to an online suite of brain training tools used in clinics worldwide