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For about 10-12% of the population, reading is difficult because they have trouble processing the light bouncing off a page of print on white paper or by the white light generated by a computer monitor. It is similar to the effect of over-stimulation when driving (riding) in a car going into a sunrise or sunset. The light is overwhelming making driving difficult. The frequency of the light is not processed easily for some and they have to use a lot of energy to concentrate on reading. For some, the letters appear to be moving.

Step 1–Visit the Irlen website 

More information is available on the Irlen website. We are not affiliated with the Irlen Institute but make the information available so each individual can explore the issue.

On the Irlen site, you can test the various background colors by selecting each of the sunglasses icons at the top of each page. Select a page that has mostly print on a white background, then select each of the sunglasses at the top of the page. This is only a rough approximately.


Step 2–Review the Videos below to learn more

Dr. Jeffrey Lewine,

Dianne Craft,


Step 3–Review the questionnaire

There is a questionnaire on the Irlen website you can use to do a basic self-screening to see if further action is needed.

We also have a download link below you can click to access a short version of the questionnaire.

If you answer yes to several of the questions, it is worth setting up a screening. A screening is recommended if a person sees the letters move when trying to read.

This affects students and adults. Make sure to screen all family members first grade and above.


Step 4–Schedule a screening

In Colorado Springs, we have a kit of the ten color overlays at the Cornerstone office at 506 East Moreno Avenue. Make an appointment and drop by to self-screen using the kit. Instructions are in the kit. Office staff will be happy to assist.

As each Village develops, there should be a location for screening. Otherwise, go to the Irlen website to find the closest professional screener.

If you find that one of the color overlays helps, you can purchase overlays from the Irlen site, or we have them available in the office. With shipping, each overlay costs approximately $11 from Irlen directly.