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Start a Cornerstone Village (C-Village)

  1. Interested person or organization contacts us, Village Organizer (VO)
  2. We send application
  3. VO completes application and returns it
    1. The application is relatively short
    2. VO provides background information and goals
      1. Resources and capacity
      2. Ability to market and recruit enough families to start the C-Village
  4. Next step depends upon how well prepared the VO is to move forward
    1. In some cases, the person contacting us may not have sufficient resources and connections, but is willing to work to build a coalition
    2. Once the VO can demonstrate sufficient capacity, the first step is to build a website and set up social media for the C-Village
      1. We will provide access to a web-building platform under our account.
        1. The platform can be reviewed at
        2. The platform has a membership management system.
        3. Initial cost is $10 per month for hosting, then an incremental monthly cost based upon membership.
  5. Once the website and social media is set up, the VO will work on the following tasks:
    1. Recruit members
    2. Build an advisory board
    3. Build a resource directory
    4. Set up the FREADOM Program
    5. Begin setting up youth programs as resources permit