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What do we mean by a more just society?

For us, it starts with the individual, encompasses the family and then grows to include the Village.

There are many elements of our society that are good and we are thankful.

But there are many inequities that are not getting better.

The two primary inequities are poverty and discrimination.

Politics seem too divided keeping us from addressing the important issues that need to be addressed.


Adults don't seem to be able to make the changes necessary to address systemic issues.

They are too divided and biased.

We have to start with a  new generation of Youth.

We have to provide them with the knowledge and skills to debate the issues from a young age and develop solutions.





A just society includes the following characteristics:

  1. Every member in a C-Village has basic needs being met
    1. Affordable housing
    2. Sufficient nutrition
    3. Access to affordable healthcare
    4. Transportation
    5. Clothing
    6. Basic housing necessities
    7. Basic grooming necessities
  2. All students achieve at grade level or above
    1. Students not only have equal access to good schools, but the schools actually ensure that most every student succeeds. 
  3. All members feel welcome
  4. All members have access to information and the ability to ask questions and get answers
  5. All members feel secure
  6. All members experience equitable policing
  7. All members have the opportunity to improve their well-being



How do we create a more just society?

  1. Education
  2. Knowledge
  3. Purpose-driven communication and debate
  4. Empowerment and planning
  5. Accountability and self-responsibility



Education is the foundation to success.





Purpose-driven Communication and Debate